Unit 5 (This is the largest of the practice rooms)

1.4 L2 Logig Systems PA Mid Tops Plus Bins
Logig 2 1000 Power Amp
Crown XTI 1000 Power Amp
Yamaha MG82 Mixer With Built In Effects
Various Senhieser/Shure Mics (Please Note: Unit 5 has no stacks, only Combos)

Unit 12

PEAVEY Hi-Systems 1K Full Range PA
LS 12-2 Mixer With Effects
Various Mics

Unit 9

Pseudo Logic System 1.5k
Mixing Desk with 8 Mic Inputs And Lexicon Effects
LS 12-2 Mixing Desk With Effects
Various Senhieser/Shure Mics
All the rooms are fine for normal rehearsals and the PA's attached to each room are from  the development of the studio through the 16 years of its life.
There are two crash rooms with free tea and coffee (but no beer!)

Practice Equipment For Hire: Marshall Bass Amp, Peavey Rhythm Master Combo, Marshall Valve State, Basic CB Drum Kit / Mapex Kit (You Supply Stands & Cymbals)
All hire is
£4 per item for 3hrs paid on entry