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Unit 5 Recording Studio was formed by Steve Davies and Steve Townsend who proceeded to convert an industrial unit into a working studio and started to trade in January 1999.

Unfortunately Steve Townsend left the studio in April 2003 due to other work commitments.

Steve Davies has 35 years in the industry, starting on simple 2 Track recordings of live bands, and eventually moving up to 16 Track live and studio recordings. During this time Steve has set up and run 3 recording studios with various partners; Everbimes of Mansfield, Rich Studio in Nottingham and his own Mouse Studios in Mansfield.

Steve Davies now run the studio as a sole trader but he does have help from the talented drummer Mark Smith of Fakehead.

Unit 5 has many genres of music pass through its doors and we hope to do justice to them all.

Unit 5 now has the ability to record on a mobile basis do not hesitate to call me